Vertical Indian Motorcycle Info
1949 -1953

The compilation of material below was made possible by the contributions of many persons.
Many thanks to all of you.
There may be some duplication of pages in the various chapters.
This was done partly to faciliate easier editing
and also because some of the duplicate pages were of a higher quility to scan.
This material is meant as a supplement to the very excellent Vertical Book published by George Yaroki.

I also want to extend a big thanks to Gary Stark of Starklite Cycles
for hosting this material on his internet server at "No Charge".
Starklite also sells Vertical parts, but they are mostly listed with the Four parts in their catalogue.

The largest supplier of Vertical Indian parts is Jim Preussner at S.W. Vintage Cycles ph 575-835-2555.

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28 page Historic Overview of the Laconia Racing Scout by Rick Giles rev.2
Oil Line Check Valve for wet sumping submitted by Terry Duffy
186 Pages of Information from Pete Sink - pages 1-62, 63-124, 125-186
Vertical Parts with Off The Shelf Numbers from Rob Garrett
Vertical bearing cross-reference info from Wally Skyrman via Rob Garrett
Bearing Info from Mike Burns
Vertical Parts by Part Number from Rob Garrett (23 pages)
Vertical Indian "parts search" by Rob Garrett (this links to a website search engine)
249 Wiring Diagram from defunct Stan Jessup website
Factory Racer submitted by Walt Brown Jr.
29 pages of 3 Wheel Patrol info from Wayne Lensu and Jim Garrett rev.2
Amal pre-Monobloc Carburetter Booklet from British Cycle Co.
Information from Jim Pruessner of SW Vintage Cycles
IVOA News Vol.1 No.1 January 1974 submitted by Frank Vaughan rev.2
IVOA News Vol.1 No.2 March 1974 submitted by Frank Vaughan
IVOA News Vol.1 No.3 May 1974 Transcript from 1948 Indian Dealer Meeting
Maintenance (Restoration) Tips: by Leroy Burgess
Indian Vertical Parts and Variations Pictures by Leroy Burgess
Indian Vertical Serial Numbers Rev. 5 submitted by Leroy Burgess
Ignition Systems by Leroy Burgess
Aftermarket Solutions for Weak Vertical Indian Magnetos rev.2
Sump Cap Modification for better oiling - step by step "How To" guide by Terry Duffy
249 Oil Pump Modification Prepared by C.D.Wickramatillake, PhD
Oil Pump Repair - Modification by Pete Sink rev.5
9 different Factory Invoices for Vertical Indians submitted by Roger Hensley
Miscellaneous Ads and Brochures from various sources
1950 TT Road Test reprinted by Walneck's Sept. 2000 furnished by Leroy Burgess
Replacement Bushing Kit for handlebar risers submitted by Terry Duffy
Tech Tip: Lapping the Oil Pump Body and Cover Flat By Terry Duffy
Arrow & Scout Riders' Instruction Book
Indian Vertical Model Comparison - info from Indian Literature - by Brian Groff
Vertical Overhaul Manual
Vertical Parts Manual
How many were produced? by Brian Groff
What did they cost back then? by Brian Groff
Batteries by Brian Groff
Crankshaft and Rod(s) by Brian Groff
Frame - front bracket assembly by Brian Groff
Headlamps and Spotlights by Brian Groff
Magnetos by Brian Groff
Tires and Tubes by Brian Groff
Transmission Bearings & Seals from Brian Groff
Brief History by Brian Groff
8 page Vertical Brochure from Brian Groff
1953 Ad for Patrol, Chief and Brave from Brian Groff
1950 Ad for Warrior and Chief from Brian Groff
Vertical Tools by Brian Groff
Saddle Support Kit
Amal Carb Indian Ad from Brian Groff
Primary Drive Chain Adjuster Kit info from Brian Groff
Primary Drive Chain Adjuster Kit Instructions
The L&L Model S-2 and S-3 Carb for Indian Motorcycles from Brian Groff
Pinion-side Crankcase Bearing by Brian Groff

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